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Mission Statement

"America's most trusted brand in Beauty."


Jacob Sanchez

Founder of GR

Jacob Sanchez CRNA, APRN, is a Board-Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist with a subspecialty in Aesthetics. He began his Nurse anesthetist career working at the number one ENT hospital in the country in 2012. Jacob made his presence known quickly in academia by having been recognized by Harvard’s Anesthesiology department for Teaching in excellence.In 2018 Jacob started an independent injectable practice while simultaneously working as an independent contractor. He Quickly began gaining notoriety for his aesthetic eye. At a three-day operation in 2018, Get Refreshed began selling more fillers and neurotoxins than group purchasing organizations within the country. Since then, he has been recognized as America’s top injectors four years consecutively and has gathered a substantial social media following. Jacob Sanchez and Get Refreshed have rapidly become the most well trusted brand when it comes to injectables while being recognized as an authority figure within the industry. His success is solidified by a state-of-the-art accredited educational program that provides not only the latest techniques using his very own cadaver institute but also turnkey ready solutions for practitioners seeking to build a seven-figure income practice. He’s formula for success has influenced over 300 practices across national and international borders across all disciplines of medicine. Jacob Sanchez is also known for being philanthropist within domestic and international borders. Having worked alongside of several 504b non-profit organizations, he’s determined to make the world a better place by having provided funding, medical aid, and resources to impoverished communities within Haiti and Dominican Republic and funding for childhood cancer awareness within the United States of America.

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